Annette Obrestad’s No Look Poker Challenge – Can It Help You?

Annette Obrestad’s No Look Poker Challenge – Can It Help You?

Certain Msn Bet ทางเข้า web-based poker legends have pulled off unimaginable accomplishments that are currently the stuff of old stories.

The following are not many models:

Randy “nanonoko” Lew plays 14,548 web-based cash hands in eight hours.
Bertrand “Elky” Grospellier plays 62 sit and go’s (SNGs) in 60 minutes.
Joey “ChicagoJoey” Ingram plays 50,000 money hands in a single day.
Annette Obrestad is yet another expert who’s finished a crazy test. In 2007, she played a whole web-based poker competition without seeing her cards regardless won.

This achievement is something to wonder while thinking about that realizing one’s cards is a vital piece of poker. In any case, can Obrestad’s test be made a stride further and used to further develop your understanding abilities?

I’ll respond to this inquiry by examining more on how Obrestad won the competition without seeing her cards. I’ll likewise offer my decision on how playing visually impaired can help your capacity to understand adversaries.

Who Is Annette Obrestad?
Annette Obrestad was a web-based poker legend a long time before she played out her no-look challenge. She started playing at web poker rooms when she was only 15 years of age under the handle “Annette_15.”

The Norwegian poker legend says that she’s never needed to store, since she won her underlying bankroll through freerolls. Freeroll competitions were Obrestad’s just choice at that point, since her mom wouldn’t let her utilization a Visa to store.

Obrestad procured $9 through a freeroll and never thought back. From September 2006 to February 2007, she acquired more than $800k through a blend of PokerStars, Full Tilt, and Ultimate Bet.

She turned into the most youthful player to acquire a World Series of Poker (WSOP) gold wristband in 2007.
On Sept. 17, 2007, only one day short of her nineteenth birthday celebration, she won the 2007 WSOP Europe Main Event and £1 million ($2.01 million).

Obrestad immediately followed this accomplishment up by completing second in the 2007 PokerStars European Poker Tour Dublin Main Event. She gathered €297,800 ($431,184) for this work.

The Norwegian’s competition results haven’t been as great as of late. In any case, Obrestad’s previous achievement joined with her web-based accomplishments have acquired her a lot of sponsorships throughout the long term.

She’s had manages Full Tilt Poker, Betfair, and Lock Poker. The last sponsorship went poorly for Obrestad, however, on the grounds that Lock Poker shut without repaying players in 2015.

In spite of being related with a corrupted poker site, Obrestad is as yet one of the game’s most-renowned players today. She regularly draws interviews at whatever point she plays at the WSOP or somewhere else.

Obrestad’s No Look Poker Feat
In July 2007, not well before her WSOP Europe Main Event triumph, Obrestad entered a $4 purchase in, 180-player SNG. She played almost the whole competition without seeing her cards.

Obrestad utilized a tacky note to cover the spot on her PC screen where her opening cards were shown. She possibly saw her opening cards once when she was confronting a significant all-in call.

Beyond this, however, Obrestad struggled through the whole 180-player field without really looking at her cards. It’s astounding is that she won such an enormous SNG while never knowing her hand strength.

The main issue with Obrestad’s triumph that no one was there to film it. Notwithstanding, she’s broadly accepted to be coming clean in light of her other competition victories.

For Example
She won a PokerStars Sunday Hundred Grand occasion on March 2008. Obrestad gathered $20,000 in this $11 purchase in occasion in the wake of garnish a 20,000-player field.

For instance, she won a PokerStars Sunday Hundred Grand occasion on March 2008. Obrestad gathered $20,000 in this $11 purchase in occasion in the wake of garnish a 20,000-player field.

She brought down a Betfair $125k Sunday competition in June 2008, procuring the $35,000 top award. Obrestad likewise asserted triumph in a PokerStars Sunday $500k in May 2010, gathering $87,400 for the completion.

Beside her poker competition astuteness, it’s improbable that she would make up such an achievement. This is particularly obvious when she was so unambiguous about just seeing her cards once.

She likewise posted her hand accounts online after the occasion. Consequently, many believe this to be a substantial web poker accomplishment and one that has since yet to be rehashed in a huge web-based competition.

For what reason Did Obrestad Play a Tournament Blind?
Obrestad played the $4, 180-player SNG without really taking a look at her cards for two reasons:

To show the significance of table position and understanding adversaries.
To show that the cards you hold are exaggerated to some extent.
Obviously, she was 18 at that point and right now had a couple of long periods of online poker accomplishment added to her repertoire. This served by and large while assessing her adversaries.

Obrestad was going head to head against bunches of “free detached limpers” who by and large collapsed postflop each time they neglected to hit a hand. She needed to change her game, since she was accustomed to going up against more-talented regs.

Obrestad put her total hand history on the preparation site following the success. This permitted everyone to see the specific hands she held while just zeroing in on adversaries and table position.

“I had done that consistently prior to playing $30, $40 and $50 sit-and-gos,” she said. “However, the competition that was recorded was really the solitary time I did it for people in general.”

The hand accounts show that she lucked out a few times and had some fortune suckouts. Obrestad likewise some of the time collapsed pocket pros and pocket rulers preflop, adding authenticity to her no-look guarantee.

Annette would flaunt the capacity to play without seeing her cards in future web-based occasions as well.

Could Obrestad’s No Look Challenge Improve Your Poker Skills?
Observing the harmony between making a decision about your hand strength and noticing adversaries’ propensities can be hard.

Numerous amateurs put the vast majority of their consideration on the cards and pay less brain to how others are playing. Obrestad’s no-look challenge is a decent activity to bring an end to out of this propensity.

All things considered, you’re playing hands dependent simply upon your insight into adversaries and table position. You’re not, notwithstanding, agonizing over in the event that AQ is sufficiently able to call another player’s 3-bet.

I don’t suggest playing a great deal of online competitions without checking your cards out. Yet, this technique is most certainly worth difficult now and again.

You can limit your gamble by playing blind in a low-stakes competition, similar as Obrestad did. It’s likewise useful to change your playing style to exploit detached limpers.

You’re probably not going to win a bigger competition like Annette_15 did. Yet, you can essentially give the visually impaired practice a couple of attempts and perceive how far you get.

Disadvantages to Practicing Without Looking at Your Cards
I love attempting Obrestad’s no-look challenge somewhere around once. However, it’s a long way from an ideal preparation technique.

The principal issue is that playing without it is profoundly unrealistic to see your cards. You should involve your own hand strength corresponding to rivals and table situation to decide.

Keeping away from the compulsion to take a gander at your hand is just outrageous preparation.
It’s not, nonetheless, something that ought to be essential for your day to day practice schedule.

Another issue is that Obrestad just won a $4 competition without seeing her hands. She clearly felt that utilizing this methodology at higher stakes wasn’t attainable.

The individuals who play competitions with higher purchase ins will quite often have better generally system. Obrestad expected to luck out a couple of times to win the $4 occasion. It’s profoundly impossible that she might have won a $22 purchase in occasion or more noteworthy without looking.

This acquires me to one more point that web-based poker contest wasn’t exactly at the level in those days that it is presently. Indeed, even she concedes in a new meeting that the players are a lot harder today.

“You couldn’t contrast online now with in those days,” said Obrestad. “It’s beyond difficult these days to earn enough to pay the rent playing poker. It’s truly hard.”

Since the opposition is harder today doesn’t mean you can’t successfully utilize the no-look system. However, simply note that it won’t be equivalent to when Annette utilized it.

Other Good Methods for Profiling Online Poker Opponents
In the event that you truly do prepare without taking a gander at your cards, you’ll need to blend in certain techniques for perusing your rivals.

Becoming extraordinary at perusing web players takes time and practice. Be that as it may, the accompanying tips can get you looking great so far while concentrating on competition rivals.

Postflop Bet Sizing
Perhaps the least demanding method for passing judgment on your rivals’ ability level is by taking a gander at their postflop bet measuring.

Great players normally bet a large portion of the pot or more after the failure. This gives rivals more regrettable pot chances with the goal that they make some harder memories pursuing draws.

More fragile players, then again, will wager significantly less than a large portion of the pot. This move is normally a sign that their hand is feeble or potentially they don’t have the foggiest idea about how to make adversaries pay to see the following card.

Preflop Bet Sizing
Many experienced players enter pots with a raise worth 2.5x to 3x the huge visually impaired (bb). Doing so achieves different objectives:

Covers hand strength.
3xbb is sufficiently huge to compel out feeble drawing hands.
3xbb is little to the point of relieving risk assuming that someone makes a major re-raise.
Awful players are out of control with their preflop raises. They might limp into numerous pots, then, at that point, unexpectedly bet everything when they have pocket sovereigns.

The last option move is particularly terrible in light of the fact that it can either open them to an excess of chance (versus experts or rulers) or push everyone out of the pot. It’s critical to remove most extreme worth out of hands like these, as opposed to just scoop a minuscule preflop payout.

Forceful versus Inactive Play
Inactive play is one more method for spotting sporting speculators. Losing players call loads of raises both when the failure. They’ll likewise crease regularly prior to arriving at the show

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